Wire Bending

Wire Bending Components

Dtech springs is a successful company that manufacturers springs of all different kind. Spring are an essential item for almost anything and everything we use in our day to day lives. More than 50% of items which we use in a day consists of some type of spring fixed inside. Springs are super useful and this company successfully managed to produce the best quality springs for different types of uses.

The wire bending products come in a form of bent that is useful for so many different purposes. It is manufactured as being bent in different sizes and shapes that are needed for different applications. Door lock latches are what these type of springs are mainly used for. It is also seen that it is being used for car seats too.

Raw Material:

  • Low Carbon Steel
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Steel Alloy

At Dtech Springs we manufacture wire bending components using latest technology CNC Wire Bending Machines thus maintaining quality with high speed production that too at a competitive cost.

Even though the wire is made straight and a bit bent, this type of spring is also a useful one, which is being used by so many industries. Even for wardrobes, fancy doors, drawers and another commonly known item, you would notice that a spring of this type is surely indicated inside it, which is why it probably works that way where it should. Dtech springs is a successful company who proudly manufactures all these types of useful and essential springs which are needed by so many industries as well.




  • Automotive Car Seats
  • Door Latch
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Household decorative
  • Agricultural Equipment


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