Dtech springs is a well reputed spring manufacturer and spring supplier that manufactures torsion springs, compression springs, extension springs and spiral springs with a full experience of over a long period in this field.

The springs manufactured and developed by our company is being conducted with the best quality equipment and raw materials to make the best spring for you, this makes us one of the best spring manufacturer and spring supplier in the market.

The raw materials and equipment which is about to be used in this process are thoroughly checked under a quality test run. Another amazing fact about our manufacturing plant is that a 100% productivity is met. The spring that is developed by Dtech springs uses the CNC spring coiling machine and CNC torsion spring coiling machine. Therefore the work and process of the spring which is made by us is surely quality assured.

This could be the main reason why we are one of the best and well-reputed spring manufacturer and spring supplier. 


Compression spring, extension springs, form spring, garter spring, latch assembly, torsion spring, wire bending products are some of our quality items which we proudly manufacture through our company.


Our talented and passionate laborers work hard to give you the best they could as producing qualitative spring. We are proud to announce you that we manufacture a number of springs which are being used for different purposes from across the globe. The springs manufactured by us are being used by different men of workmanship which does not limit where our springs reach.

As the market demand has also now grown to individual customers, our company Dtech springs has become a better prominent choice in the market as a well-known spring manufacturer.

The total production process of spring is sincerely not an easy task and we are proud to have a team of hardworking and enthusiastic people who attend to work daily in passionately striving to deliver their best productivity possible to give the world the best type of spring they could.

Our company is located in India and China and have been thoroughly experienced in this field of manufacturing springs for quite a long time.
As the industrial world keeps growing rapidly, the manufacturing speed of different structures is growing too. As a spring manufacturer, springs manufactured by our company are being used for so many industrial purposes and other minor purposes as well. 

Spring Application:

Springs find vide application and are extensively used in following industies:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Aerospace/ Defence
  • Agriculture
  • … and many more

As nothing has come easy but only hard work, today our company Dtech springs is able to proudly stand tall as one of the best spring manufacturing company to be established. Indeed it is all well-guaranteed products for a better future. Our spring company is also recommendable to almost anyone who is on the lookout for springs.

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